Mold Industry Professional Sentences-1


Mold Industry Professional Sentences

by Ron Luo from HZ Mold


1. XXX!你现在有空吗,我可以问你一些问题吗?
Could I ask you some questions if you are free? / Are you free now? May I ask you some questions (a question)?
2. 请问此产品的面是否为外观面?表面做什么处理?是晒纹/抛光?
Can you tell me whether the surface of this part is a visible/esthetic one? What will we do for its
surface? Texture or Polishing ?
3. 请问产品这个面可否加顶针或顶块?产品允许加扁顶针吗?
Does this part need an ejector pin or an ejector bar? Can we add an ejector blade?
4. 这个产品的柱位我们打算做司筒。(或镶针)可以吗?
Can we add ejector sleeves or ejector pins in the boss of this part?
5. 产品的这个位置不能出模,我们打算做行位,在此面上会有分模线,你接受吗?
There's an undercut at this position and it needs a slider. It will also have a parting line on
"this side, is that OK?"
6. 产品里面的这个位置我们打算做斜顶或内行位,有问题吗?
"We will make the lifter and (inner) slider in this position, will that be a problem?"
7. 你提供的2D产品图与3D产品图不一致,请问以哪一个图面为准?
"The 2D and 3D drawing you provided is not the same, can you tell me which one is correct?"
8. 你提供的3D产品图有的地方没有出模角,有的地方胶位太厚,有的地方胶位太溥,这些产品问题我们可以自己修改吗?修改后会给交给你确认。
"There is no draft angle in the 3D drawing, some materials are too thick, and some place are too "
thin. Can we modify this part by ourselves? We will send the drawing to you for you to check after we modify it.
9. 按你们提供的缩水率千分之五,这个模具的尺寸已经做到了模具图面要求。但注塑出来的产品不符合你们的产品图。请确认你们的材料的缩水率是否正确?
"According to the shrinkage one over two hundred, the mold has been done in the right dimension, but the part falls short to your part drawing, are you sure the shrinkage is right?"
10. 产品的这个位置太小,导致模具钢料太溥,能够加宽这个位置吗?
"This position is too small and will make the steel material here too thin, can we widen it here?"
11. 斜顶与后面的柱位空间太小,斜顶在运动时会干涉到柱子,能移动这个柱子的位置吗?
The angular lifter interferes with the boss during ejection. Please consider changing the position of the boss.
12. 这个筋骨位胶厚太溥,而且高度偏高,注塑时很难填充这个筋位,可以增加这个筋骨位的厚度吗?
"The rib here is too thin and on the high side, so it will be difficult to fill here when we do the "
"injection, can you increase the thickness of this rib?"
13. 你是想将此筋骨位的高度加高/减低吗?加胶的位置我们将用铜公放电加深。但减胶的位置有两种做 法,1、做镶件;2、烧焊;因为镶件的底部有运水,我们简单的做法是烧焊处理,你可以接受吗?
"Will you increase/decrease the material on this rib? We will use EDM if you add material, but there are two option if you choose to decrease: 1. Make inserts;2 Welding, because there is water in the bottom of the insert, is that OK?"
14. 这个样板的筋骨位底部烧焦,是因为排气不良,我们可以在筋骨位的中间增加一个镶件。
"This sample has been burned in the bottom because the venting is not good, we can add an insert in the middle of the rib."
15. 重做镶件大约需要5-6天时间,你能接受吗?
"It will take about 5 or 6 days to redo the insert, is that OK?"
16. 产品的这个面我们已经做了晒纹处理,如果需要加胶,这个面我们需要重新外发晒纹。可能需要几天的时间。所以我们直接以铜公放电的火花纹取代你要求的纹路,你可以接受吗?
"We have made the texture on this side, if we add material, it will take some days to remake the "
"texture by out-resourcing, so we suggest using the texture by EDM instead, is that OK?"
17. 模具是用公制/英制的配件?需要备用件吗?
Is this mold dimension measured in inches or meters? Does it need spare parts?
18. 模具上铭牌上的刻字内容是由你们提供吗?你们什么时候可以这些刻字资料。
Will you provide the engraving content of the plate of this mold to us? When will you send it?
19. 可否提供此模具生产时,注塑机的型号及相关资料。如:啤机大小、呵林柱尺寸、顶棍孔尺寸等
Can you provide the type of injection machine and other related information of this mold to us?
"Such as the boss dimension, the hole's dimension of the ejector pin and the size of the injection "
machine and so on.
20. 这个问题我需要同其它同事商议会再答复你。
I need to discuss this problem with the other colleagues and then I will reply back to you.
21. 我们将尽力达成你的计划,如有异常,会及时通知你。
"We will try our best to complete your plan, if there are any complications, we will notify you "
"22.这个产品的长度为330.12MM,宽度为78.96MM,高度为45MM.胶厚为2MM,重量为70.63g,试模注塑机型号为250吨,胶料颜色为黑色,产品外表面晒纹处理,内表面为抛光.需要日期章、环保章、材料章.前后模用2344氮硬,斜顶和行位座用738H,以上模具信息正确吗?请确认! "
"The length of this part is 330.12MM, Width is 78.96MM, height is 45MM, thickness is 2MM, weight is 70.63g, the injection machine is 250T, the material is black, the outside of the part has texture, inner side needs polishing, and it also needs a date and recycle stamp ,the core & cavity is 2344 nitridng, the lifter and slider shelf is 738H. Please check the information above!"
23. 现在到了吃午钣的时间,我们下午再继续好吗?
"It is time to have lunch, let's discuss this project later this afternoon?"
(The undercut area interferes with the slide block and needs to be filled with material to help the slider move smoothly.)
25. 加肉太多    (The thickness added is too thick.)
26. 加肉面積太大 (The thickening area is too wide.)
27.GATE位置移位 ( The gate position is moved.)
28. 滑塊拆的位置 (The split line of slide block or the area of slide.)
29. 此處有尖角,填充困難 (It is hard to fill this area due to the sharp feature.)
30. 此處鋼材太薄,強度不足而且不容易冷卻
(The strength of this area is too weak and it is hard to cool because the steel is too thin.)
31. 圓柱特徵要有一半圓不可以拆在滑塊上,以免粘滑塊造成拉白,拉斷
(We avoid designing the semicircle of the cylinder on the slide block because it will be pulled
apart or cause drag marks.)
32. 此處做斜銷在作動時會削到成品肉厚
(The part will be damaged if we make the lifter in this area.)
33. 這個面是裝配面,不能加料
(This is a critical surface where we cannot add additional material.)
34. 此處料位太厚,會有縮水,建議減料改善
"(Because of the shrinkage of the thickness, we suggest reducing some wall thickness to improve it.)"
35. 此面是不是外觀面,此處做滑塊的話會有夾線,是否可以接受
"(Please confirm whether it is a critical surface or not. Also, confirm whether it is acceptable to
have a slide split line if we have a slide in this area. )"
36. 此處有倒勾,能否減料,使公母模靠破,不做滑塊和斜銷
(Please confirm whether we can reduce material to the area where we have an undercut as indicated to have shut off on cavity side. No slide block and lifter will be made. )
37. 請盡快確認這種拆模方式和結構,否則會影響模期
"(Please confirm the issues of Parting line, Gate position...Etc. as soon as possible; otherwise, "
the lead-time will be extended.)
38. 此面是否有特殊要求,能否有頂針印
(Please confirm whether it is a critical surface or not and if we can have E.J. pin marks on it.)
39. P.L面開在此處,模具上會有尖角和刀口,對模具壽命有影響
"(There are sharp edges if we set the parting line here, It will reduce the tool life)"
40. 加大拔模角,以便脫模順利   We suggest enlarging the draft angle to help release the tool.)
41. GATE做在此處的話有兩個缺點:1.蓋子打開時可以看到GATE的修剪部位; 2.兩個斜銷在同一側,頂出也不是很平衡.
(There are two problems if the gate is to be designed in this area:
a). It is easy to see the gate mark when you open the cap.
b). The ejectors are unbalanced when two lifters are on the same side)
42. GATE做在此處的話.蓋子打開後看不到GATE的修剪部位
(The gate mark is not visible if the gate position is designed like this.)
43. 如果GATE一定要做在你們指定的位置的話,那還不如做在這一側,這樣的話還可以減小這個位置的縮水
"(If you insist that the gate position has to be like the original design, then we would further
recommend to have it to the area indicated so it can avoid a shrink problem in this area.)"            
44. 在此處GATE做潛頂針的話,背後的外觀面會有沖料痕,而且成品又是黑色的,會最明顯             
"(If the design of the gate has to be a sub. Gate, then the back surface of the part will have "            
serious flow marks due to the black color.)            
22. P.L開在此處不合理,模具加工困難,P.L應改為和圖示的一樣             
"(This area is not suitable to have a Parting line because the tool will become more complicated;
therefore, we recommend to have the Parting line as indicated.)"            
"(There is possible sticking on cavity; therefore, please confirm whether it can make undercuts,
snatch pins or leave coarse E.D.M. on the core to snatch the part on)   "            
(Please confirm whether it is acceptable to have stress lines on the surface because the thickness is not equal.)            
47. 請注明何處為外觀面,能否提供2D圖和注意事項             
(Please advise where the critical surface is. Please also provide us a 2D drawing with critical             
dimensions. )            
48. 紅色所示處是有問題的地方,請特別注意             
(Please note the red highlights because those areas have problems.)            
49. 成品設計此處有問題,建議如下圖所示修改             
(We would suggest using the attached part design as the current design has problems.)           
50. 此處改為一個球形的凹槽 (We suggest modifying it as a globe recess.)            


(be continued, Mold Industry Professional Sentences-2)